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All tracks produced by Vizzion Tha Mad Indian. All tracks engineered by Nathan Orıgınal.


released October 23, 2013



all rights reserved


Team Renegade Columbia, South Carolina


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Track Name: Terrors

[Verse 1] – Nathan Orıgınal
808 & N.O.
Is in the building, you know
Just how we feeling
I’m your favorite super villain
I won’t, hesitate killing any innocent civilian
I do it for your amusement but mainly for my enjoyment
Shit, it’s either this or start collecting unemployment
And that really ain’t the move
So imma do what I do
Thank my momma and my dad
For looking past my past
And supplying me with every tool I needed to kick ass
Pow, and I don’t have to wear a mask
Nah, I just want everyone to bask
In the presence of a maniacal heaven
I’m definitely the realest me that I can be
And I still haven’t reached my peak
Devin E you a fuckin beast
I love your fuckin beats
Now rip em chief
Rip em
Track Name: Pastor Troy
Pastor Troy

[Verse 2] – Nathan Orıgınal
What if heaven was hell and vica versa?
If I murdered the music industry
Would it be my enemy?
If I said my enemy
Was really a friend to me
What would it mean?
What should it mean?
You tell me
I’m not a rapper
I don’t want the candy
I want the wrapper
That’s why life is a disaster
And I smite kids
I’m a pastor
I like violence and I hate laughter
There’s nobody I take after
Swear to God I’m not a paid actor
If you call right now
You can get a night gown
For free
To rest in piece
I swear to God Devin E make the best beats
Killin muthafuckas all you see is red sheets
Service can’t be an open casket
They don’t even got a head
And they found the body last week
So it’s more like rest in pieces
Extra pepperoni
Three different types of cheeses
Just cuz you my homie
They say that hell is lonely
I can attest to that
I am the one and only
Missed my chance to go back
Now every day I don’t get stabbed
I get lanced in the back
Like when my sister’s tramp stamp got infected
I learned my lesson
Track Name: Bang Bang
Bang Bang

[Verse 1] – Nathan Orıgınal
I guarantee the majority of muthafuckas rapping bout guns
Ain’t never shot one, O
Let alone killed another muthafucka
What the fuck is up with that
Muthafucka you a sucka
Get the fuck up out my face
Don’t nobody give a muthafuck about what you are saying
I’m spraying
In the AM, or the PM
Carpe diem
Nothing matters but the present
Imma splatter every peasant
I’m the fastest automatic weapon
Better get to steppin
I hope you’re in a fraternity
Actually that’s not gon’ save you
Cuz I’m not gon’ shoot at your boot
Imma shoot at your tooth
Ain’t nobody bulletproof
Here’s a bullet for proof
Lord Slug
You lookin green, you envious (envy us)
Shit, I would too if I were you
But I’m not
I am me
And I am three times the killer
You will ever be
You can’t even kill a beat
You think you a Killer Bee?
Welcome to the Philippines
I could kill you with my eyes closed
In a blind fold
In the nighttime
With a gun on a iPhone
Better pray to God like a nun
When the .9 go
Track Name: Red Mist
Red Mist

[Verse 2] – Nathan Orıgınal

Uh I cannot be
So relationshippy my whole life
Obviously I would not be callin you my wife
If I didn’t love you I would leave you for the supposed hoes
That I be fuckin every night
But you right
I fuck everything in sight
Keep on pushing me away
And you just may
Get what you wished for
The fact that I wanna fuck every girl
Don’t mean I did so
Don’t ask me to be honest
Then make me live on my tiptoes
Track Name: Nocturnal Nights
Nocturnal Nights

[Verse 2] – Nathan Orıgınal
Aw crap I forgot to bring the wraps
But you know I always got a bowl packed
So it’s all good
And I got more weed in the back
That’s a couple white bitches
No weave in the back, yeah
For some reason tonight
I feel like ending a life
Sniffin hints of bullshit
From these muthafuckas
We supposed to be cool with
What the fuck is that huh?
It’s all good bitch, yeah uh

[Bridge] – Nathan Orıgınal
Now we don’t mean to keep you
Up all night but this is D2
And you may wanna stay
Once you get here everything will be okay
Track Name: Dark Paradise (feat. Faces, SyxxEyes & Timeline)
[Hook] – Nathan Orıgınal
Oh you want a bad boy?
Bitch I ain't Diddy
Take you on a date
Leave you in a different city
I don't want a mate
I just wanna hit the kitty
Oh you thought I really loved you?
What a pity
Track Name: Rena Shinigami
Rena Shinigami

[Hook] – Vizzion Tha Mad Indian & Nathan Orıgınal
Every man was born in God’s image
Watch my bullets storm in yall village
Sinners sin
We was born as born sinners
The innocent was born among killers

[Verse 2] – Nathan Orıgınal
I am a god
Here to take everything you got
Shinigami-sama, lord death himself
He didn’t want no drama
So say goodbye to mama
I do whatever I want
I am a Renegod
And I will never die
That means you couldn’t kill me
Even if you tried to try
Now don’t just cry to cry
I will soon take your life
I will soon eat your soul
So make sure that your fuckin feet are clean
You fuckin hoes
Track Name: Gats & Bliss
Gats & Bliss

[Verse 2] – Nathan Orıgınal
Lyrical weapon
See you can't hear a lead zeppelin
Until it hits on the ground
And them bitches lookin 'round
And they so stupid as hounds
And I'm like what the fuck now
What am I to do-do with all these bullshit bitches sit down
I'm like oh my God what
I don't know what the fuck's up
I don't know what the fuck's down
I don't know what the fuck's left
To do with my life
Oh shit
Imma blow you to bits
That's right
Imma blow you to bits
That's right
WIth the gats and the bliss
That's right
Track Name: Chainz

[Verse 2] – Nathan Orıgınal
Told mom I don’t want a gold chain
I just wanna know things gon’ be okay
I wanna make enough money to buy anything and everything you want
And take care of you like you took care of me
All those years
All those tears
I made fall
Know damn well I didn’t see them all
All I have in this world is my word and my balls
I’m doin this shit for y’all
When the chips get bigger promise I’ll call
I know it’s a gamble and I’m hardly ever present
(As it is)
But imma make big things happen in a second
I reckon that I’m gifted
I reckon that I’m different
I reckon that I have what it takes to make a difference
And imma do it
Because I said it
Ain’t nobody gonna stop me but me
Now that I think about it I might like some jewelry
But I can’t wear no silver so I
Track Name: Nathan's Interlude
Nathan’s Interlude

[Hook] – Nathan Orıgınal
You wasn’t my friend before
Tell me now why would I befriend a whore?

[Verse 2] – Nathan Orıgınal
It would be different if you were the one that used to listen
But you ain’t give a fuck about me until I went missing
Bullshittin tellin everyone we was in love
I cared about you but you used me up it wasn’t love
I was always the one to help you up when you needed
But if I even fucked up a bit I was deleted
And you was with somebody else the next day
That’s why I didn’t reply when you said hey


[Verse 3]
It would be different if you weren’t such a bitch
You say you still love me I say suck a dick
“No one above me”, who you fuckin with?
The real question is, who are you NOT fuckin?
Ain’t no one in love with you
It’s so disgusting that you’d actually
Try to strike a discussion with me
With dirt on your knees
And the smell of a blowjob on your teeth

Ever thought of calling to apologize
For all the lies?
Even if you, even if you tried
I’ve had my number changed
About three of four times